Indian food is familiar for its piquant, curries and miscellaneous flavors, pairing. But what made the Indian food so special?

Researchers in India have collected thousands of food recipes and finally discovered Why Indian food is so delicious.

Researchers processed those several thousands of recipes with addition of 200 ingredients.

They checked for flavor overlapping in a single dish and found a unique reason which is dissimilar to the western recipes. Flavor compounds in the ingredients of Indian food do not overlap one another.

Western cuisine ingredients are usually paired together for both flavors. A single Indian dish which have at least seven ingredients. But most of the flavors in the ingredients do not lap over one another.

“We found that average flavor sharing in Indian cuisine was significantly lesser than expected”, the researchers wrote.

“Placement of each spices is very unique in the recipes to create the pattern of flavor sharing with the flavor sharing with remaining ingredients”, the researchers also noted.