“The old man and sea” passing through the “Hemingway” to kill a mocking-bird with a sharp scalpel. For that Idiot’s crime, prince Mysskin got the punishment. The crime and punishment end at the judgement day and his notes from gallows say their close relatives, Anna Karenina, Russel nikov and the two lovely Karamazov brothers. After the war finally the family got the peace.

The books are created when the ink spread on the white paper. They were created only when the mind touches the soul.

Books are the only phenomenon for psychological redemption’s and the psychological regulations. In that cases the library plays its role as a psychiatric hospital and the paradise will be in the form of a good library.

Press that were cut for making papers will feel happy that they were developed as the books in the library so that they can educate all different group of people.

Only a Reader and a Writer can live many lives as by their favorite characters.

There must be a wave bridge between the two souls of writer and the reader that were connected through words. Every great books by the writers was created only for a single reader who is always there with the writer’s thought.

Fyodor’s books are the reflection of fact that every light has its shadow.

Among all the 15 novels of Dostoevsky’s crime and punishment is one of an epic which directly reflects the dark side of the human life. Nearly 25 v movies were made b y the book crime and punishment.

The art of crime and punishment is conceived and born in the gambling house. As the matter of fact the gambling house may be the perfect place to write an art like crime and punishment.

There will be a key reason to read this book. When Raskolnikov completed his murder execution, he understood his crime and asking the earth by knee down and said that all the greatest crimes are executed on your shoulders .All the wars are driven on your body. The blood flood wetted your skin, all the hate, revenge, betray, everything is done with you my earth, did anybody feel sorry for that my honorable earth.  Now I am requesting you to forgive every crime done to you.

And finally Nikov surrendered to police for his crime.

This novel makes a question about all the aspects of crime and what it has been recorded as the history

For every crime, there will always a punishment not by the authority ,By everyone’s soul.