“when you are courting with your favorite girl on hour seems like a second. but when you waiting for the same girl a second seems like an hour… That’s Relativity “.
As Albert Einstein said about the time eventhough every minute is compassed of some 60 seconds. But the flow of that 60 seconds will differ according to the mood of the humans.

There is always a question in science. Thatis ‘ what happen when an unstoppable force meet an immovable object..?. Everyone thinks about the question and get different answers. But there is a controversy is there.. The immovable object is not an Immovable object .That is accelerate object.So is the Question is wrong..? no… But everything in science is based on the perspective of each seperate individuals.
In the year 1895 an unresolvabble Question was araised by a novel . The time machine by H.G.Wells, an Science fiction novel . He stated the revolt about the time travel first.
Is the time travel is possible to achieve through time travel machine ..?
Actually we are always travelling the time every second .. But we cannot reverse are forward the flow of time so that we need a machine to travel at all the time we needed .we all know that time has three different poles . The past The present and the future…
According to the theory of ‘Issac Asimov’ there is no present ,past and future all these three times were running gradually on its own path.
So we don’t worry about the flow of time .When we go to those time ..therwill be no change in those times.They are flowing in its own path.But you cannot change even a single move in your past and future.Ther is a theory behind this fact.That is “Adolf Hitler Paradox” or “Grand Father Paradox”
‘If you kill your Grandfather by using the time machine , then what will be the your position in your present life ..?
If you are not born then whst wil happen to your present life …?
so scientifically the time travel is not possible .The present day scientiststeephen hawking also said that time machine is not invented in future also. because If the invented time machine the traveled to see all of us .