Another Wonderful Aspect Of The Trueform

The TrueForm is a great machine for acceleration / speed training and interval training. It is also easy to transit during HIIT training since there are no buttons to accelerate or decelerate the machine.

Another wonderful aspect of the TrueForm is that it teaches runners a more natural running style by forcing them to run on the balls of their feet. This helps to learn proper posture, balance, and speed training.

The purpose of this machine is to work in the individual’s cardio vascular system and to improve all round fitness and endurance.

To use the machine you simply need to step on and walk. At first I would recommend holding on to the side barriers until you get comfortable using the machine. As you get comfortable you can go into a light job and then finally into a 3/4 pace or sprint. There is no cheating on this machine, you have to run with good technique in order for you to get full benefit. Running on the balls of you feet, high knees and head and chest up.

As far as the duration of the exercise is concerned, I would recommend 20-25 minutes in this style of training called interval training.

I have chosen to do interval training on this machine and in this case I am running at a 3/4 pace/sprint for 30seconds and have a 20 seconds recovery. For a beginner I would recommend making the sprint shorter to a 20 second sprint and change the recovery time to 25 seconds thereby allowing more recovery time. I would recommend this exercise is done in 4sets.

Interval training:

30 second sprint/20second rest x 4sets

To achieve good results and improvements this type of training should be done at least 2 times a week.

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