Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ – the proverb had held true for generations but never really hit the streets like it is doing today. ‘Conventional beauty’ loyalists have been defeated soundly by the millennial generation. These youngsters are dynamic and have a keen eye to spot beauty tucked into the soul of an individual. The world of internet blogging is the platform they use to spread the word of beauty to the interested subscribers.
Nykaa is one of the most recognized names in the Indian online retail market for beauty products. With a wide array of products, it is the go-to site for purchasing creams, tonics, lip shades and other stuff. The rapid trend of the urban youth to try on different styles has prompted the arrival of several style consultants who provide their opinion on the products and how to use them. With so many varying opinions floating around democratically, a novice can be easily confused. Nykaa’s Beauty Blog provides the solution.
Built on the trust of a reputable brand, Nykaa Beauty Blog contains articles covering the A-Z of women’s beauty requirements. From the details of how to use the latest nail paint shades to the hairstyles that would suit a darker skin shade, this website has it all. It also contains useful health tips which the trendy urban youth would find handy. From curing dark circles to avoiding hair falls, following a proper diet to reducing tummy fat, wanderers can find it all under one roof, metaphorically speaking.
Nykaa Beauty Blog is the voice for feminism, going against the convention and breaking stereotypes soundly. Iconic celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have endorsed Nykaa, appreciating the effort to promote beauty in all women, and speaking resolutely against body shaming. Through its articles, the innovative beauty blog urges its readers to appreciate beauty in women and accept them as they are. Beautiful.
Falguni Nayar’s 2012 start-up is the favourite online retail store for makeup and beauty products in this country. With its wide heart and willingness to break the social stereotypes, the youth attraction is increasing every day. Nykaa Beauty Blog is the site to visit if you are feeling a bit low about your evening party. You will feel beautiful indeed!

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