Following the footsteps of your brother is never an easy job. And when that brother has made quite a name for himself in that field, it’s difficult to carve out a niche your yourself there. But that didn’t prove to be an obstacle for Jake Paul. Elder brother Logan had already made a name for himself using the now-defunct Vine application. It was up to Jake how he would use his talents to impress the millions and millions of internet audience and he didn’t disappoint.

The 21-year-old blonde from Ohio had started his Vine account in 2013 and soon gained immense popularity by doing dare-devil acts. He hit the one million mark in just five months and after that, there was no looking back for Jake. His antics had made the world of internet ROFL (Rolling on the floor, laughing), making him a viral sensation in a matter of months. Jake’s crazy videos were the among the most searched and viewed on the internet. The American often hurt himself while performing the stunts like jumping off a cliff, but in the end, that pain never hurt too much

In 2016, Jake became the first social media celebrity to land a role in a Disney production when he was one of the main cast members for ‘Bizaardvark’. He became popular as ‘One Take Jake’ due to his ability to perform difficult scenes with ease. Given his independent video making background, acting in front of the camera was never too complex for Jake. After his collaboration with Disney ended, Jake began creating music videos, releasing his first single, ‘It’s Everyday Bro’. Although it received 70 million views and stood at 94 in the Billboard Hot 100 dated June 24, 2017, it achieved the dubious distinction of being the third most disliked video on YouTube. The crazy Cleavelander made a sensation when he did in the White House after he had been invited and left at 3:30 AM, evading the security guards.

An amateur wrestler like his brother, Jake has had his fair share of controversies already. His house was always surrounded by fans waiting to get a glimpse of him. The neighbours had complained about the noise, leading to a first-class public nuisance lawsuit against him. His separation from Disney was well publicized. Earlier this year when he launched a YouTube video ‘I lost my virginity’ with his then-girlfriend Ekira Costell, people were outraged at the blatant sexuality which was not deemed appropriate for the younger audience.

Despite these minor setbacks, Jake continues to be one of the most sought-after internet celebrities of late. With 3.1 million and 800,000 followers in his Instagram and Twitter handles, his popularity is on the rise. A talented actor who has the deep regard for his brother Logan’s work, the world is waiting for Jake to break into mainstream acting and entertain all with his wonderful comic sense.

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