By offering complete and comprehensive information about the latest developments in the architecture industry worldwide, the architecture news helps the architects and architecture students to seek inspiration from the wonderful architectural designs of others, and eventually create something that surpasses the existing buildings and structures.

Keep digging this architecture more, the beauty of world or the shape of a building or the bridge it will just keep you full of surprises and keep you amazed.


Dubai architecture is extremely dynamic. Dubai hotels, Dubai shopping centres, Dubai urban residential developments, and other public buildings in Dubai push design boundaries and themes. If you wish to familiarize yourself with iconic Dubai architecture, here are some of the key Dubai buildings and projects.

The first and the most important example of revolutionary Dubai architecture is Dubai palm Island. A breathtaking architectural achievement by RMJM architects, it is recognized as the Eighth wonder of the world. Dubai Palm Island is an artificial island made with approximately 94 million cubic metres of sand and roughly 7 million tons of rocks and stone.


Those of you who are interested in Chicago architecture, you would be surprised to know that there are dozens of buildings in Chicago constructed in different architectural styles and designs. Commercial style, International architectural style, Art Deco style, and Middle Eastern style are just few of the countless architectural styles used by Chicago architects for creating world-famous buildings and projects.

Aqua Tower Chicago: It is an extremely sculptural building designed by studio Gang Architects. The building has got vertical topography comprising of outdoor terraces that gradually change in plan over the length of the tower. When viewed from further away, it appears like a slender rectangle. The powerful sculptural form of Aqua tower is suggestive of the out cropping’s and geological forces that shape the great lakes region.


India has been the centre of the world for too long in the ancient past. Few of world’s most important religions has originated from India. Tajmahal is a mausoleum built in the span of 22 years in the 17th century by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz. Taj Mahal displays a combination of Hindu and Indo-Islamic architecture. Huge white marble terrace on which rests the famous white marble dome, flanked by tour tapering minarets. Within the dome lies the jewel-inlaid cenotaph of the deceased queen. Architecture is something which brings imagination into reality, that it can be anything monument, building, cities, and so on.

Historical architecture is still a mystery for all that how can be this possible at that time where there were not too much availability and flexibility. But still we got wonders from them.

For knowing more about architecture and to study about architecture there are degrees. Learning how to create a building or a bridge or a road just excites a lot.

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