If the concept of 3-D cinema had blown the world over with its close-to-real feel, the latest milestone cinema’s technology has achieved will probably send the audience into fits of frenzy.
The world of cinema has progressed rapidly from the old vintage reel projector screens to the modern 3-D screen equipped halls. The brilliant filmmakers throughout the ages – Satyajit Ray, Tarkovsky, Godard, etc. Rarely had the luxury of brilliant technology which would help them sell their art. If only there were born 50 years later, they would be been in a world which revolutionizes its past self at every next moment. Screen X, the brainchild of Byung-Hwan Choi from CJ 4DPLEX, South Korea, promises to engage the audience in rapt attention while the movie plays on in the theatre, with the help of an innovative 270-degree viewing.

Developed in the East Asian nation in 2012, Screen X’s 270-degree viewing involves the movie being played in three screens – one right in front of the audience known as the main screen, and on two sides, known as the side screen. This is as close to reality an audience can get during his/her movie watching experience. Imagine a fast car chase scene. The car in front is racing ahead. Street lights and other cars are racing past on your sides. And you are sitting inside a car, driving at breakneck speed, chasing the one in the front. Goosebumps on your skin, right? This is what the South Korean Technology promises – an experience which you can never ever forget.

Screen X has been deployed in more than 150 theatres across the world with UK’s Cineworld Greenwich and Dubai’s Dubai Mall being the latest subscribers to this amazing technology earlier this week. The movie halls, of course, have to be specifically designed to accommodate Screen X. Whilst in a normal screen, there is only one projector used, 270-degree viewing needs five – one for the main screen and four for the sides. The side walls to have to be coated with a special kind of fabric which would equate the brightness and projection of the side screens to that of the main. The sound systems also need to be revamped in a way that it is evenly distributed throughout the hall.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales was the first film to be shown in Screen X in the USA. Marvel Studios’ big sellers, Black Panther and ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ were a couple of others to have been given the special treatment. To make a film eligible for Screen X viewing, the shooting would have to be done in a certain format. ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ had to be reshot in certain sequences to allow it to be viewed in this format. Jason Statham starrer shark adventure film, ‘The Meg’ is the first Hollywood film to be shot entirely keeping 270 degrees viewing in mind. The results are colossal, with rave reviews coming forth for the technology and superb viewing experience. Can’t say the same about the film though!

The wait for the world to be equipped with Screen X halls will be a short one, as this latest technology is spreading like wildfire. Cinema has turned into reality, finally.

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