1. Wow Momo

This is a quickly developing food chain. You will discover branches in Delhi, Chennai, Kochi and numerous other spots. Goodness! Offer burgers, Tibetan nourishment and pretty much anything you can envision. You will never go hungry when a Wow!

2. Zomato

This is a standout amongst the most understood new businesses, and maybe a standout amongst the best nourishment tech new companies around. It has transformed into a universal business, where eateries everywhere throughout the world are presently checked on.

3. Paytm

Another extremely fruitful startup, it is an installment benefit that enables individuals to pay assets to each other. It is fundamentally the same as PayPal. While it’s not at that level yet, regardless it appears to command everywhere in India.

4. Ola Cabs

You may think Uber is causing a tempest at the present time, yet Ola Cabs is assuming control India at this very moment. In the event that you require a minicab in the India region, make sure to attempt Ola Cabs out. They are as of now contending with Uber, which says everything!

5. Flyrobe

This organization enables you to lease architect garments. Interesting, isn’t that so? This startup was established in 2015. The thought was adored such a great amount by speculators that they have raised more than 7 million from that point forward.

6. Myra

This is an online drug store. Medication can be conveyed to your home at a quick rate. The organization manages more than 1,000 exchanges every day. They are supported by huge financial specialists, and are profiting right now!

7. AddressHealth

This is an organization who are causing a tempest in the business right now. They center around giving social insurance in schools and centers, and have demonstrated to exceptionally effective as of late.

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