Top 10 Bungalows in the World

Home – the word invokes the feelings of comfort, peace and love in one go. From a pauper to a billionaire, whenever one person enters the abode they call their own, all worries of the world evaporate, and Man rests finally. The resident prepares his/her residence in the manner he/she thinks is best. Home is personal and no one can blame anyone for being possessive over it.
The billionaires around the world have turned the concept of home into property-ownership, competing in a battle of egos with their counterparts. Bungalows sold at exorbitant prices are the talk of the town. Real estates are being sold like hot pancakes, and the rich tip of the world’s population are lapping them up. Here are 10 of the most expensive bungalows.

10. Kensington Palace Gardens

Owned by Indian steel lord Lakshmi Mittal, the London estate is one of the most valued properties in the world. Renovating it with the marble from a quarry which incidentally supplied Taj Mahal’s construction, Mittal affectionately calls his residence ‘Taj Mittal’. How humble of him.
The 55,000 sq ft spaced house has 12 bedrooms, a Turkish Bath, a swimming pool, a picture gallery and a ballroom. It was valued at 89.4 million USD when Mittal purchased it from Bernie Ecclestone in 2014.

9. Fleur de Lys.

Designed after the magnificent Vaux le Vicomte in France, the most expensive home in the LA county is a thing of beauty. When owners David and Suzanne Saperstein renovated the mansion, divorced and moved out (how considerate), the building was listed to the public in 2007. Purchased for a whopping 102 million USD by an anonymous owner (Google Michael Milken), this luxurious bungalow has starred in films like ‘The Green Hornet’, and TV-series like ‘Big Shots’. Built in 2002, this French castle replica houses a 3000 sq-ft wine cellar (no surprises), a two-storied library, a pool, spa, tennis courts, ballroom etc. The entire building has 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms.

8. Xanadu 2.0

When we are talking about billionaires, Bill Gates has to make his entry. The owner of Microsoft, Gates took 7 years to build this 125.5 million USD estate. Built in a modern fashion with a country touch here and there, Xanadu 2.0’s 66,000 frame looks over Lake Washington. The residents can customize their light and temperature settings via an electronic pin, along with their preferences of art. Clearly, a house Bill gates would own.

7. Beverly House.

The 135 million USD property sits pretty on top of Beverly Hills, a stone throw away from the famed Sunset Boulevard. Designed in a classic Spanish-Italian country home style, the H-shaped mansion houses a few smaller buildings as well in its 6-acre space. The entrance hall, intricately carved with designs is 50-ft tall. With billiard rooms, projection rooms, nightclub, wine cellar and other features one might only dream of, Beverly House stands tall as one of the luxurious homes in the world. Architect Gordon Kaufman had designed this house and the building construction was overseen by Milton Getz. William Randolph Hearst, the publishing kingpin, better known to the world as ‘Citizen Kane’ was the first resident, moving in during 1946 and staying there until his death 5 years later. Featured in films like ‘The Godfather’, Beverly House’s stardom is quite high.

6. The Pinnacle

The ski-resort in Montana is owned by Tim Blixseth. Valued at 155 million USD, this property has a private ski-resort in its backyard. Coupled with scenic beauty, this modest property is the most beautiful of the lot.

5. Palazzo di Amore

At 195 million USD, Palazzo di Amore is USA’s most expensive house. Owned by Jeff Greene, the Real Estate King, the Mediterranean style villa has 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, bowling alley theatre, tennis courts, waterfalls etc. In a combined space of 53,000 sq ft. The property owns its own vineyards, allowing guests to walk through them for wine tasting. The olive trees beside the pools provide an exquisite retreat.

4. Fair Field

Ira Rennert’s Southampton house became a home in 2004 when he moved in with his family after some early neighbourly disputes. The 63-acre building has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a private power plant, an orangery, a synagogue etc. Overlooking the blue ocean, this property is currently valued at 248.5 million USD.

3. Tour Odeon Penthouse.
The penthouse atop the 49 storied Tour Odeon in Monaco, France is valued at 400 million USD. Offering a 360-degree view of the Mediterranean Sea, this penthouse’s owner will also be able to access the rooftop pool with a water slide. The apartment has a modest floor space of 35500 sq ft.

2. Villa Leopolda

Belgium’s King Leopold II built and gifted a mansion to one of his mistresses in 1902. Ah, kings those days! The 11 bedroom, 14 bathrooms French house is currently valued at 750 million USD when Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov attempted to buy it. Comprising of an outdoor kitchen, pool and a helipad, Villa Leopolda has appeared in films like ‘To Catch a Thief’ and ‘The Red Shoes’. The current owner of this estate is Lily Safra, widow of Lebanese banker Edmond Safra who had purchased the house in 1988. After his death in a fire in 1999, his widow inherited the estate.
The French luxury house is a sight to behold.

1. Antilia

Built on the Vastu-Shastra concept by Chicago architects Perkins and Will, the Mukesh Ambani residence is easily the most expensive home in this world. Located in Altamount Road, Mumbai, this 27 storied skyscraper is simply too luxurious to be called a home. Each floor is uniquely designed and constructed with different materials. It houses three helipads, indoor swimming pools, gardens, a home theatre etc. Ambani is staying there with his wife and children from 2012. The building is valued at above 1 billion USD.

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