Travelling Against the Grain to Israel

When thinking about travel, the usual decision would be to catch a flight on a summer’s day or night. However, does sticking to the usual really bring you the best deal or experience? I mean, it might but then again, have you ever wondered what’s on the other side? Fear not as I took it upon myself to find out! (Yes, by force the first time we had to do it but I can vouch for myself that it is by choice now) Moving on,

TIME was the first opposition our travel to Israel covered.
Generally speaking, June-August is the time to fly out if you’re a regular traveller but since we’re going against the grain, I travelled with my mum during the month of January, by choice!
Not only did choosing this time mean that cost (be it flights or accommodation) are cheaper but it also meant we were able to experience a different vibe. Fewer tourists visit and therefore you see more of the locals and feel more like one while you’re at it. What’s not to love?

GENERAL ADVICE This is a big one and may or may not raise a few eyebrows but hear me out. A lot of the times, we are advised against things and they are definitely for good reason and I don’t deny that. For us, it took a lot of ignoring general advice before we reached our decision to finally go for it and I’m so glad we did!
Just to give it more of a background, my mum has always wanted to visit Israel and was at a point where she was going with her friends: flights and accommodation already paid for until the very last minute, fear took over her and she backed out despite the money she’s already invested towards the trip.
Understandably, we can all agree that with what’s going on in Israel, there are a lot of security concerns surrounding travelling there. However, I’m a firm believer that certain events that take place shouldn’t be someone’s main point of judgement when it comes to decision making.
Here’s why:
-There’s no telling whether certain events will happen again. We are judging in fear.
-The danger exists everywhere.
-You’ll always wonder and live in regret if you never go for it!
However, on that note, it’s important to stay cautious and trust your gut instincts. The lesson to be taken away from this is not to go somewhere blindly and deliberately go to where the danger lies but to follow your heart using your eyes.
Very wise words if I must say so myself.

CATCH UP: A wanderer was born when I travelled with my mum to Rome & The Vatican City back in 2016 to celebrate her 50th birthday. That year, one of my goals was to give her the gift of time and experience each year from then onwards. Yes, payback time I hear you say.
Well, I’ll have you know that, so far, I’ve successfully stuck to it for 3 years in a row now! I know, I know. Amazing. Indeed. Thank you.
But, here’s the thing: because her birthday falls at the end of January, (thanks to a lot grandma & grandpa!) we were forced to make arrangements then which is unlike the regular traveller’s chosen dates. It was a pain at first. However, for the same reason, we were introduced to a new way of travelling which I feel was a blessing in disguise especially in hindsight. So, for the ultimate thank you I’ll mention in this catch-up,*drum rolls, please*, let’s say it together now: THANK YOU FOR THAT, LORD! Everything happens for a reason, after all.
And, as for you, you can thank me later but it’s fine, you’re welcome now.

RESTRICTIONS The word, in general, is a complete joke to live life within even on a day to day basis. So what more when you’re travelling specifically to get away from your normal routine or in other words, to break away from restrictions? Why bound yourself then? I say reclaim your freedom in every essence of the word.
It might be much easier to land in one location and stay there throughout or maybe even stay inside your hotel enjoying your all-inclusive. I mean, it does sound very tempting but what lasting impact will that have on you? There are plenty of places to explore, adventures to be had and lessons to be learned. If you’re already there, why not go all the way? We did!
During our time in Israel, we managed to visit mainly 3 beautiful cities: Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa using the public transport only. I know, adventure galore. It was pretty challenging to say the least but definitely worth it all in the end.

OVER TO YOU: The next time you travel, think 1-2-3 and find different ways to experiment and make the most out of your time and experience. Did it make a difference? Share your results with us @Glamourogueuk via Social Media.

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