We started our web radio in December 2015. We have 25 members in our team. It was started by RJ Vignesh(Ambassador), Karthick(Director), Chiti Aravind(Performer), Prakash(GM), Vikky & Ishu (Anchors), Ramasundaram (TRP script writer and producer) and myself(Script writer).


Our professional success is we started our channel in 2015 and we do have 4.51 subscribers and we do host the foreign show “Roast” in Tamizh.

Our shows are the Beep (Political attair), Dumbs reviews, Settaiyan etc. Our new show is going to launch on July 14.

Our specialty when compare to other channels are we do take different concept where nobody can work on that script. And we say everything boldly.

For example: We trolled our X Chief Minister when she was alive during the flood time. It went viral and we got reach for that show.

We done events as “Settai onlive, Smile Thiruvila, Best online attair.” We called 10 youtube channels for award function and made them to perform and gave awards in feather hotel.

Our own family member Alex is working as an Editor now in Cine industry and Vikky as primary comedian in Meesaiya Murukku.

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