China really does it in style. Guizhou province in the Asian country is rapidly progressing and is on the verge of becoming one of the leading provinces in the country. Multiple mega-projects are being developed there. The province is making headlines for breaking world records. It houses the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope and is the home for the world’s largest bridge. Guizhou Province also boasts of having the world’s largest natural waterfall cluster. Keeping in line with the same, the latest addition to the wonders is a 108-metre artificial waterfall from one of the tallest buildings present in the capital city, Guiyang.

The capital city of the south-western China province is a booming city with many skyscrapers dotting the horizon. The 121-metre tall Lesbian International Plaza building is the host for the world’s tallest artificial waterfall. The waterfall will cascade down from the building’s facade into a huge tank on the ground, which will collect the water and store it for use. The sheer audacity of this invention has sparked headlines all over the globe. Although opinion is divided on its ultimate utility, people are awed by this technological marvel in a densely packed urban area.

Supported by four 180-kilowatt water pumps, this huge waterfall would require at least 2 hours of preparation time. Running it would prove to be quite costly as initial reports show an additional 800 yuan added to the building’s electricity per hour. With the latest conversion rate that amounts to 118 USD per hour. With the high maintenance cost, the officials have decided to use it only for special occasions. The waterfall wouldn’t run for prolonged periods then as well. With the current storage capacity, the waterfall would function for 10-20 minutes only.

It’s quite natural that a project of this magnitude would attract harsh criticism from a section of the society. Several were against the idea of this as water and electricity would be wasted for no particular reason other than show business. Many labelled it as a ‘fool’s investment’. Mr Cheng had come out to the media and assured that only rain-water and tap-water were used in this project and that the entire quantity was being recycled in the huge storage tanks. Moreover, he had assured the people that the waterfall would be switched on for special occasions and would run for only short durations.

The huge building is a multi-purpose one which shopping malls, hotels and restaurants across its many floors. The tourism would be greatly benefited from such an architectural marvel. It would certainly be a sight to behold when a 108-metre tall water stream gushes its way down the side of a skyscraper, and roars into the tank kept on the ground. The urban residents wouldn’t have to spend their money on travel-tickets to catch a glimpse of the renowned waterfalls. They will have one, right there, a stone throw’s distance from their places. The residents were so bewildered with this project that they had called the police when water gushed out for the first time, thinking it to be some kind of catastrophic water leak.

Guiyang’s waterfall is a treat to the eyes if you are looking from below. If you are wanting to visit the Niagra Falls and don’t have enough budget for your pockets, Guiyang is the place to be. Niagra comes lapping up to the doorstep.

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